We present here for your appreciation a small sample of our achievements, which bear witness to both our know-how and our commitment to excellence.

Just click on the photos to enlarge, and see for yourself the quality design and engineering that goes into every Equipement Boni undertaking.

Woodworking / Restaurants

Woodworking / Specialties

Woodworking / Office design

Woodworking / Optometrists

Woodworking and Store Fixtures / Cosmetics

Woodworking and Store Fixtures / Drugstores

Woodworking and Store Fixtures / Video Rental

Woodworking and Store Fixtures / Glass fixtures

Woodworking and Store Fixtures / Hardware Stores

Store fixtures / Hardware

Store Fixtures / Drugstores

Store Fixtures / Food Stores

Light Duty Racking

Heavy Duty Racking / Commercial warehousing

Heavy Duty Racking / Industrial warehousing

Heavy Duty Racking / Special Applications

Heavy Duty Racking / Cantilever racks

Heavy Duty Racking / Drive-in and Drive-through

Heavy Duty Racking / Push-back systems

Heavy Duty Racking / Pallet-flow and Flow-rack

Heavy Duty Racking / mezzanines

Heavy Duty Racking / accessories / standard systems

Heavy Duty Racking / accessories / aisle protectors

EHeavy Duty Racking / accessories / column protectors and stops

Heavy Duty Racking / accessories / ramps and safety nets

Heavy Duty Racking / accessories/ marking and identification