Our shelving systems

Light warehouse racking…

True to its reputation, Equipement Boni offers the very best in warehouse racking systems. Our standard models are designed for strength and versatility, ensuring top quality at a fair price. Depending on the model, our shelving systems can be assembled with or without nuts and bolts (or a combination of with and without) as a function of the solidity and speed of installation you require. The rack shelves are made of quality cold steel varying in gauge according to your different load-capacity needs. They present a polished finish in order to prevent minor injuries related to warehouse handling. Many other light-duty racking systems cannot boast as much.

By combining your warehouse racking system with multiple accessories (dividers, suspension devices, lockers, etc.), you’ll be putting stock in the future, as reconfiguring your space according to the needs and demands of the day will be fast and easy. If necessary, you can even place shelving modules on mobile units, transforming them into flexible work stations!

…a new way to perk up efficiency and productivity!

If you are looking for a simple, durable solution to storing small items and/or finished products, then our shelving systems are what you need. These storage systems can fit anywhere: parts department, tool room, shipping area, storeroom and assembly units. Whatever the sector of operation, these racking systems will help you organize and optimize your warehouse space. Our racking units afford easy access to all components and allow quick visual inventory checks of your warehouse.

Change the look and efficiency of your picking areas once and for all with the help of our sturdy warehouse racking systems. Depending on your needs, they can be combined with our industrial warehousing systems, as well as our mezzanines (for streamlining preparation of small parts orders, for instance) and push-back systems. Either way, they constitute high-density racking solutions geared to optimizing space and maximizing the efficiency of movements normally required in these tasks.

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