Special applications

Special applications for Equipement Boni pallet racks

Our pallets racks for industrial or commercial use can often be adapted to special applications. The possibilities are endless, but a few are of particular note as they evidence Equipement Boni‘s know-how and capacity to fulfil specific needs when the scope of a project warrants it.

Galvanized systems

All systems made of profiles are available in galvanized steel on demand, depending on the volume required. Galvanized steel is recommended for use in humid environments, particularly refrigerated warehouses.

Specialized systems for picking bins

The Equipement Boni design team can provide distribution centres with specialized products for order picking with customized bins. These allow optimizing product density at a competitive price.

Earthquake proofing

Without affecting their functional dimension, our warehousing systems can, with a few add-ons, be rendered compliant with seismic qualification standards. At a very reasonable price, you can thus reduce the risk of losses and re-assure both insurers and your inventory management personnel.


Cant-legs serve essentially to prevent damages by minimizing impacts between forklifts and pallet racks. Cant-legs are made of structural elements to add greater stability to pallet racks, thus conferring markedly superior resistance to profiled elements and, by the same token, prolonging the life of your system.

Very narrow aisles (VNA) with pick-and-drop locations
Thanks to their cantilever design for greater system accessibility, VNA with pick-and-drop locations allow a single forklift to do your entire pallet moving. The vehicle picks the pallets and drops them at a designated spot at the end of the aisle, where merchandise can be disposed of by your order-picking personnel–safely and efficiently. Storage is just as quick and easy in the opposite direction.

Aside from optimizing your floor space by reducing the area occupied by aisles, such a layout makes for a safer work environment by keeping operations from overlapping, that is, storage and order-picking personnel from getting in one another’s way.