Push back

Push-back pallet racks

Applying Newton’s principle…

Our push-back pallet racks comprise, at each level, a series of nested carts riding on rails inclined upward slightly from the pick-up point.

Once the first pallet is placed on the top cart, the forklift operator pushes this load towards the back when another pallet is placed on the next cart, and so on until the system is full. To empty the push-back system, the first pallet is gently removed, causing the others to roll back towards the front, ready for easy pick-up according to the LIFO (Last In, First Out) storage method.

…to meet today’s needs!

Push-back pallet racks have become extremely popular in recent years as new market trends require keeping a larger number of articles in stock and render products obsolete in increasingly short order.

Push-back systems obviously offer a greater degree of selectivity than do drive-in and drive-thru pallet racks. They can be made of profiled or structural steel, depending on the load capacity required. They represent the perfect solution if you are looking for versatility and good density in a warehousing system.

Contact the Equipement Boni experts and ask them whether this type of system suits your specific needs. You deserve a work environment that affords both satisfaction and the utmost efficiency.