Dynamic flow

Dynamic-flow pallet rack systems

Dynamic-flow pallet racks generally divide into two types according to usage: pallet flow systems for high-density storage (designed for depth space) and flow rack systems for order picking (these require less depth).

Pallet flow systems for high-density storage

Ideal for storing products with a quick turnover that must be handled according to the FIFO (First In, First Out) method, pallet flow systems are commonly used in the food industry, where best-before dates must be managed very carefully and where expensive refrigerated space must be maximized.

Inclined conveyors added to a standard pallet rack system made of profiled or structural steel allow moving pallets from one aisle to another, where, contrary to a drive-in pallet rack system, they end up in an optimum position for pick-up by forklift operators or merchandise handlers. These conveyors can be full-sized for easier handling or, as a less costly alternative, can come in rails only. The latter solution, however, necessitates better-quality pallets and greater care when transferring loads.

Flow rack systems for easy order picking

The perfect complement to all types of mezzanines, flow rack systems maximize the efficiency of your order picking areas or assembly lines by ensuring that your staff has the right material within reach at all times. Rollers can be made of metal or plastic (less expensive in the case of lighter objects). Flow rack systems are usually tailored for lesser volume than pallet flow systems and are never more than two pallets deep.

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