Drive-in and drive-thru pallet rack systems

One can do…

Drive-in pallet racks constitute the ideal solution when a small variety of products need to be stored in large quantities. They are the perfect complement to conventional rack systems, more selective but less capacious in terms of storage density.

Equipped with rails along their depth, these systems are essentially a series of tunnels that allow standard pallets to be put away and retrieved by regular forklifts. The depth arrangement considerably diminishes the number of aisles needed, thereby increasing the amount of usable storage floor space.

Though these static drive-in pallet racks are much less costly than their dynamic counterparts (push-back and pallet/carton flow), they function according to the LIFO (Last In, First Out) storage method, which is best suited for inventory with a quick turnover.

…but sometimes two is what it takes!

On the other hand, drive-thru pallet racks allow placing inventory on one side while orders are prepared in the other aisle, according to the FIFO (First In, First Out) storage method. This system can be extremely appealing, as it allows merchandise handlers to circulate more efficiently and securely.

As drive-in and drive-thru pallet racks are prone to forklift damage, cantilever uprights or cant-legs are often the preferred way to go. However, as these present stability limitations under heavy stress, they must often be secured by means of bracing structural members. When this is necessary, we call upon a highly reputable engineering and design firm to ensure the structure can bear the required load capacity.

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