Mezzanines and order picking modules

Gain more space with mezzanines…

Whether of the structural type to create a vaster work area or made of conventional components to maximize storage capacity, our mezzanines afford a range of appealing possibilities to increase the usable floor space in your storage facilities.

Mezzanines can be entirely self-standing or built into the structure of your building. Either way, the Equipement Boni design team makes safety and security its top priority, for both your employees and your inventory. Stairs, lifts and safety nets are provided for according to design standards and your current requirements… while ensuring the utmost versatility and flexibility for adjusting to future needs.

Whatever the architecture of your warehouse, our experts have the know-how and expertise to remedy any problem or difficulty and will find the best solution to optimize your storage operations and inventory management.

… and greater efficiency with order picking modules!

Order picking modules are the result of sophisticated engineering combining several warehousing products on a multi-level platform (mezzanine). These use standard pallet racks to support the conveyors required to move merchandise efficiently by way of dynamic-flow systems. Consequently, products are always within reach for efficient order picking. Smaller-volume products can be arranged on warehouse shelving to enhance their visibility and thus facilitate ordering and handling operations.

The tighter inventory management afforded by such a system allows consolidating your distribution activities in a single location and, by the same token, drastically reducing your inventory handling costs.

Like so many clients before you, trust Équipement Boni to improve the efficiency of your warehouse and distribution operations. Contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to offer the solution best suited to your operations.