Our cantilever storage racks

Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are designed to allow handling loads of different weights freely and easily without uprights standing in the way. What’s more, they offer enough flexibility to manage inventories of varying length on the same shelf and often even on the same storage level.

Equipement Boni cantilever storage racks are available in single-column or double-column units. Depending on your requirements, they can be either entirely self-supporting or secured to the building by means of bracing structural members. Feel free to consult our design experts to determine which solution is best suited to your particular needs.

An effective, efficient solution!

Cantilever racks are largely used for storing long and/or heavy items such as pipes, tubes, mouldings, channels, profiles, spools/coils, and construction materials. Built from structural steel for unequalled strength, our cantilever storage racks are designed above all for safety and efficiency. A number of accessories can also be added, as needed, including end stops to prevent merchandise from falling and rubber bumpers to prevent face and head injuries.

Companies that manufacture furniture, carpeting or other irregularly shaped products will be pleasantly surprised by the huge load capacity of cantilever racks. In addition, these structures facilitate the handling of inventory, thereby diminishing the risk of merchandise damage. Finally, they considerably reduce expenses related to the use of pallets and other handling supports.

Wait no more. Complete your commercial or industrial warehousing system with our cantilever racks. Contact the Boni experts today!