Accessories for heavy-duty warehousing systems

Drawing on our long and vast experience in the field, we have designed numerous items over the years, both standard and made-to-measure (when a large volume is considered), whose principal function it is to ensure employee safety and protect or reinforce your pallet rack system.

Below is a description of some our heavy-duty warehousing resources. It is not an exhaustive list, merely a sample of the wide range of possible add-ons that our systems afford.

Accessories for standard systems

Equipement Boni offers a full line of standard products wholly compatible with its pallet rack systems, including spacers, extensions, safety bars, and pallet stops, for easier and safer handling of your inventory.

Standard or customized end-of-aisle protectors

Each type of usage requires a special type of protection. Leave it to the Boni experts to recommend the end-of-aisle protector that is right for you. Standard might do, but maybe specialized models for overhead storage are what you need. If you are a retailer, then something with a more polished finish may be called for. In any event, ensuring the utmost safety and security for customers, employees and merchandise is in everyone’s interest!

Column protectors and stops

Here too, as always, the nature and function of the system will dictate the choice of protector. Whether your projects are on a large or small scale, they deserve the utmost care and attention to prolong the life of your storage and handling equipment.

Our dynamic stops also serve as guides to forklift operators, thereby contributing to prevent damage to both merchandise and structures, not to mention avoiding safety risks.

Ramps and safety nets

Safety nets prevent merchandise from falling off mezzanines, onto pedestrian aisles or in heavy-traffic areas. Ramps and aisle stops ensure employee safety without getting in the way of easy merchandise handling.

Marking and identification

Finally, our integrated marking and identification services make it easy to find your way around aisles, to identify load capacities efficiently, and to warn against dangers and health and safety risks.

If you have a project, we can determine the ideal warehouse design for you and supply all the products necessary to protect both your employees and your investment! Contact a Boni representative today!