Glass fixtures

Our glass fixtures: distinction and visibility

Opt for glass fixtures…

As people and the times change, the need to protect small items of great value is being felt more and more. Why then not opt for glass fixtures that, while blending strength and durability, enhance the visibility of a given line of products and allows your customers to gain a better appreciation of their features?

The Nova Systems™ steel moldings exclusive to Equipement Boni confer superior strength to our finished product and afford plenty of versatility. Among other things, they make transforming existing fixtures or replacing damaged glass surfaces a relatively quick and simple task. To complete the picture, our unique-design glass display units are equipped with solid, discreet locks with easy-to-change key inserts.

…and project an image of prestige!

We also offer a full line of standard hardware and suspension fixtures that allow you to add style and transparency to your shelving. Using glass surfaces in our store shelving solutions will render your merchandise display space much lighter and brighter at first glance.

Matched with fixtures created by our woodworking department, our glass units will enhance the perceived value of your merchandise. With the right lighting system, these fixtures will create an atmosphere perfectly in line with your brand image. Combined with mirrors, they will provide even more depth to your line of products on display.

Retailers of all sizes stand to benefit from glass display system and design. Give your products greater visibility: Contact one of our representatives today.