About us

Expert manufacturer of gondolas, pallet racks and commercial woodworking.

A few words about Equipement Boni

Quality and reliability

Since 1974, Equipement Boni has stood out from the competition in the field of shelving and commercial and industrial pallet racking. Over the years, its team has built up a strong expertise in pallet racks, not to mention unrivalled know-how in commercial woodworking and specialized store shelving systems. We are constantly striving to improve and innovate in order to offer our clients the highest quality products and services.

Creativity and diversity

Each client has specific needs, requirements and expectations. We have the capacity to develop made-to-measure solutions to any project of any size. Our engineering and design team will propose the solutions best suited to your specific warehousing and/or shelving needs.

In addition to these specialized services, we offer a broad range of standard products, including single- and double-deep compatible pallet racks, drive-in and push-back models, cantilever systems, and a full line of accessories both for ensuring user safety and for protecting your investment. For all your store configuration needs, contact one of our representatives and ask for our product catalogue.

Capacity and efficiency

Conveniently disposed on a mezzanine, our light-duty racking and pallet flow systems are ideal for preparing orders and handling lighter or smaller products quickly and easily, while maximizing the useful space in your installations.

If you wish to enhance the perceived value of your products, you might consider wood and laminate display racks or glass fixtures to create a distinguished ambiance and a more sophisticated brand image.

Versatility and excellence

For all your needs in terms of shelving and pallet racking, store fixtures, wood and laminate display racks, and glass fixtures, opt for the turnkey services of a fully integrated company capable of designing, manufacturing, finishing, delivering and installing your purchases.

Contact us at once and take advantage of the solid experience of a highly reputable company. We can make your dreams of a special and efficient industrial or commercial store layout come true!